Bluewater Rubber & Gasket is a proud distributor of Trident securing devices.


Trident is purpose driven and original. A refinement of old age methods used to tie down high value items. The conventional process is antiquated and prone to failure. Existing fittings are susceptible to leaking, corrosion, tripping, breakage, and are unsightly. Trident fittings are professionally engineered, built to the highest quality, and provide a significant improvement over the old. They are fast, reliable, attractive, require minimum maintenance, and are simple to operate.

Trident Fittings are engineered with double locking features. Once set they will stay set. They are fit for purpose and engineered to meet or exceed most Class Certification requirements. In this and many other way support you.

Installing a Trident Fitting could be the fastest activity you do in your day. They are fast to rig and faster to remove. They are ready when you need them. Our expert team of designers and engineers have made the operation easy and multi-functional.